Incredible Journey Newsletter Issue 13
January 2006

Dear Reader,

Over the years we have all seen the decline in service provided by the airlines. Let’s face it, travelers used to begin their vacation once they boarded the aircraft, now coach class is more of a cattle call to be transported from one destination to another. With demand for lower fares we have inadvertently created something that none of us truly appreciates – less service.

To mitigate the lack of service frequent flyer members can take advantage of better seats, get upgrades to business and first class – but coach travelers need to make sure they bring food (that is probably a good thing!) and most recently I have heard that the once complimentary beverages will start coming with a price tag, and it doesn’t stop there. You might want to consult our December newsletter on where to buy your own travel pillows and blankets as these too will soon be for sale!

However, those who travel first or business class are being pampered with Epicurean delights prepared by world renowned celebrity chefs. Aloha Airlines has hired celebrity chef Alan Wong to prepare first class passengers meals you would expect to find only at a fine restaurant. Such fare includes Soy-Braised Short Rib on Kim Chee Fried Rice with Ko Choo Jang Vinaigrette. Then there is one of my favorite chefs, Beverly Gannon, who prepares entrees such as Apple Stuffed Pork Chops with Balsamic Rosemary Sauce and Mushroom Barley Pilaf for Hawaiian Airline’s first class passengers.

Next time you decide to fly I suggest using your mileage to upgrade or check with us to see the cost of a first class ticket, it might surprise you just how reasonable these tickets can be!

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  • Heaven on Earth – Ikal del Mar
  • River Cruising
  • Celebrating the Arts of Oahu
  • Now's the time to...
  • Ask Endora
  • Featured Property

  • River Cruising
    River Cruise

    Have you ever thought about river cruising but didn’t know what to expect from such an experience? Here’s a bit of information to peak your interest in this boutique cruise product.

    Where ocean cruising tends to be a more formal affair, river cruising is intimate, casual and cultural; definitely a boutique experience; most definitely not a cookie-cutter experience. River cruise products are popular for European adventures, but river cruising is also available in the United States.

    Celebrating the Arts of Oahu

    There are some places in the world that just call out to creative souls. Whether because of the incredible natural beauty, the exoticism of the native cultures or because of a community of like minded souls, those places where artists gather are rich in inspiration and refuge. Lucky for all of use, Hawaii is just such a place.

    Now's the time to...

    • Reserve your 2006 Hawaii Holiday cruise, with only 6 cabins left, space is filling fast. Contact Patricia today for details.
    • Call Joyce for unadvertised special packages to Tahiti now, before they’re gone.
    • Whale watching on your mind? Contact Vicki, our Hawaii specialist, to reserve our fabulous beach front condos on Maui for a show of a lifetime featuring these graceful giants.
    • Hurry and book your Summer 2006 privately owned homes in Hawaii and Mexico before all space is gone, and it is going quickly.
    • Keep an eye out for our newest destination to be offered on our website – Central America and the countries of Panama and Costa Rica.
    • Don’t forget, Disney’s 50th Birthday Bash ends May 2006!
    • Christmas 2006 packages should be reserved now before all accommodations are gone.
    • Coming soon! A big improvement to our website will be our new addition featuring specials on destinations, cruises and packages!

    Ask Endora

    Dear Endora,

    I want to take my family on a three week trip to Europe. I would love to visit France, Italy and England. I know I need more time, but I work and this is the most I can take off at a time. What do you suggest to get the most out of my family vacation?

    Alan – California

    Dear Alan,

    Featured Property

    Adventurous travelers will be thrilled with the style and natural beauty of this eco lovers paradise. Designed with respect for its pristine setting this resort offers the simple life of a tropical village through its rustic comforts, genuine hospitality and unique excursions

    Heaven on Earth – Ikal del Mar

    In October 2006, prior to Hurricane Wilma, I went back to the Maya Riviera on a quest to find a few new stellar properties that I could add to our already impressive array of accommodations. The first property I stayed at was Ikal del Mar, which in Mayan translates to “Poetry of the Sea.” After driving along the bumpy, sandy road past newly constructed condos, lush jungles and local houses most travelers would begin to doubt they would find a secluded refuge at the end of their journey. However, as a well seasoned traveler to this area I knew what to expect. Most of the ultra private resorts in the Maya Riviera do not advertise their existence, as the lure of these establishments is the ultimate privacy and the unparalleled service bestowed upon their guests.

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