Incredible Journey Newsletter Issue 17
May 2006

Dear Reader,

For some of us, the quest for adventure and traveling to far off lands is in our blood. Yes, we are the ones who are constantly planning our next place to visit, we are free spirits with a thirst of wanderlust. I get so excited each time I have the opportunity to research and plan special getaways for my clients. You see, my mantra is that "time waits for no one," and I constantly stress the importance to live life while we can as this is not a dress rehearsal. In my opinion, creating memories with friends and family is priceless. To travel to places we love or destinations we have always dreamt about visiting with friends and family just adds an immeasurable element to creating these moments.

It is true that we do specialize in many different destinations, which I believe enhances our client's experiences, but what a true travel professional has is the ability to ascertain what will make a special getaway extraordinary. My husband's grandmother was a remarkable lady who traveled the world, by herself, at the young age of 60 years old. In fact, she was one of the first U.S citizens allowed into China, and traveled around the world four times by her self. She inspired me to be a traveler, and not a tourist - to explore and see the world. I will never forget her telling me about her two most cherished sights that she beheld on her many adventures. The first was to watch the moon rise over the Taj Mahal. I can only imagine what a vision that was with all those jewels glistening and shimmering in an endless clear sky. Equally as awesome for her was to watch the sunrise over Mt. Everest. Moments like these she kept with her forever.

Now many travelers would never think about planning a vacation around a specific time period, even though they would admit this would be a great idea. As destination specialists and travel aficionados we think about all these details, because it is these factors that make a vacation extraordinary!

We have one chance to live life to its fullest - and there is no better time than now. We look forward to the opportunity to create Incredible Journey's in your life!

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    After many years of wanting to take my family on a Disney Cruise / Disney World vacation I can finally say we did it! Now, my children aren’t young kids any longer, in fact this was a graduation (from high school) present for my son. We love Disney, and you are either fans or not, and we are!

    Now's the time to...

    • Inquire into cruise specials for this summer 2006
    • Make reservations for spring break 2007
    • Plan an extraordinary vacation
    • If you still haven't booked your Christmas/New Year's getaway - what are you waiting for?
    • Start making plans for Labor Day, it's not too late

    Ask Endora

    Dear Endora,

    I am just starting to ponder the thought of a Tahitian holiday. I have been researching on the internet and there are so many tour operators to Tahiti - all have some kind of fabulous offer, but when I call there are always stipulations. Should I reserve a Tahiti vacation through a travel agency rather than going direct with the tour operators to Tahiti? It almost is too confusing with all the different offers.

    Dazed and confused

    Dear Dazed and confused,

    Featured Property

    Rangiroa - Rangiroa means “Long Sky,” it gets its name from being the largest atoll in Tahiti and the second largest atoll in the world. There are more than 240 motus and more than 100 small channels that make up this ring of low lying land.

    Jamaica – When You Go, You Know

    As the Caribbean Specialist for Incredible Journey, I have taken numerous cruises and familiarization trips to all parts of the Caribbean. Jamaica is a favorite location of mine, both for the natural beauty of the environment and the friendliness of the people. Jamaica’s high season is December 15 – April 15.

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