Incredible Journey Newsletter, October 2005
Incredible Journey Newsletter Issue 10
October 2005

Dear Jay,

Superferry soon to be an interisland transportation contender in Hawaii

For all of you who have asked, "Is there another way to travel between the islands in Hawaii," the answer in 2007 will be YES!

This Superferry would be the state's first drive-on, drive-off transport among the islands. Highly favored by locals and tourists alike this fast moving (up to speeds of 40 MPH) vessel will soon be another viable transportation option between islands.

At this time all environmental impact groups and the Department of Transportation are analyzing all aspects of travel on the ferry, especially making sure the marine mammals will be safe and that there will be ample room for boarding and unboarding.

Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully in 2007 you will have another option when traveling between islands.

In this Issue
  • Discover the Best of All Worlds with Cruise West
  • Surfing - U.S.A.
  • Now's the Time to.....
  • Panama is ripe for your discovery.
  • Ask Endora
  • Featured Property - Moorea Pearl Resort

  • Surfing - U.S.A.

    SURFING U.S.A. So you’re off to Hawaii this winter and you want to catch some humongous surf? How ‘bout just watch some awesome surfers rip these gnarly waves? Then the first thing to do is venture down to the sleepy beach town of Haleiwa.

    Now's the Time to.....

    • Adventure seekers make sure you reserve our highly popular cruises to Alaska – space sells out quickly!
    • Book your romantic Valentine’s getaway to the “City of lights” before these specials disappear
    • Call Joyce for unadvertised specials to Tahiti for the months of November, December and January – May 2006
    • Whale watching on your mind? Reserve our fabulous beach front condos on Maui for a show of a lifetime featuring these graceful giants
    • Hurry and book your Summer 2006 privately owned homes in Hawaii and Mexico before all space is gone
    • Keep an eye out for our newest destination to be offered on our website – Central America and the countries of Panama and Costa Rica

    Panama is ripe for your discovery.

    The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when you mention Panama is the famous canal. Built by man, it is a monumental display of ingenuity and is considered the eighth wonder of the modern world.

    Ask Endora

    Dear Endora,

    In September’s newsletter one of the facts were that Alaskans were the number two consumer of Spam (the food), who is number one?

    Isabel -- San Clemente

    Featured Property - Moorea Pearl Resort

    Moorea Pearl - Located on a white sand beach just a short drive from the magnificent Cook's Bay.

    This charming resort offers 95 Tahitian-style garden rooms and suites, garden and beach bungalows, and overwater bungalows.

    The overwater bungalows feature a large sundeck with direct access to the lagoon.

    Discover the Best of All Worlds with Cruise West

    "Things perfected by nature are better than those finished by art."

    - Cicero

    Cruise West is a preferred small ship cruise line for Incredible Journey. They pride themselves on providing up-close, casual and personal cruise experiences. Cruise West has been considered the leader in small-ship cruising for 30 years because of their exceptional spirit of exploration.

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