Dear Joyce,

How many times have we heard of those "last minute" specials for travel? Being a past auditor, I will from time to time check these last minute rates as compared to rates if reservations were made in advance - my analysis has showed that over 90% of the time travelers will benefit the most when they make their reservations in advance.

This year I have found that there was an increase in inquires regarding last minute travel specials, which can be attributed to the mass blitzes of advertising in the media. Just open the newspaper, watch TV or get online - you will see a litany of discounted travel ads proclaiming to have the best prices for various destinations. The call to action with these ads is for you to travel.

It is through these highly successful advertising campaigns that the travel companies are hoping you will succumb to their request to "travel."

It is our job as travel consultants to teach our clients how to travel smartly. I highly encourage everyone to try and book your travel arrangements in the future so as to get the best rates as well as securing the most desirable properties. It is everyone's goal in traveling to get the best value for each and every travel experience.

It is our goal to help you become a savvy traveler, experience the world the way you want to, and to get the best value for each getaway so as to save for your next Incredible Journey.

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  • Heavenly Hana
  • Bird watching in Costa Rica
  • Now's the time to...
  • Family Cruising Offers Exciting Destinations, Great Values and Quality Time
  • Dear Endora
  • Featured Property - Hotel Hana-Maui
  • 2008 Exotic Mexican Riviera Cruise

  • Bird watching in Costa Rica

    Have you ever seen a toucan in the wild, flying high amongst the tree canopies? How 'bout witnessing the splendor of the elusive quetzal? Costa Rica is a must visit destination for serious birdwatchers. Here you can delight in the sounds of a great diversity of birds' songs, trek on safaris and marvel at these fascinating creatures way of life, and watch flocks of parrots fly back to their nests at sundown. Bird watching is gaining in popularity throughout the world and what better a destination to gaze at and photograph these magnificent animals than Costa Rica?

    Now's the time to...

    • SUPER SAVINGS ON ALASKA ADVENTURES WITH THE BOAT COMPANY - this is a vacation not to be missed.
    • Inquire about our super value rates in Tahiti - stay 5/pay 3 on over water bungalows at the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort!
    • There are still openings for summer private home rentals in Hawaii and Mexico
    • Inquire about HOT DEALS specials to Hawaii or Mexico for the summer
    • Be sure to view our new unique adventure to Tahiti on our website
    • There is still limited space for Christmas
    • Be sure to book your 2007 vacations and take advantage of our return client's savings!!!
    • New group cruise to Mexico from San Diego for 2008, check out our flyer
    • Now's the time to start reserving your 2008 Spring break getaways!
    • Planning a family reunion - a Cruise might be the perfect option!

    Family Cruising Offers Exciting Destinations, Great Values and Quality Time

    Nothing gets a family together like a cruise and a cruise offers the ultimate summer vacation that works for all family members. That's because cruises offer an ideal combination of a variety of activities, opportunities for time together, and unique travel experiences.

    Dear Endora

    Dear Endora,

    I heard that in Hawaii motorized "thrill" crafts can only be used from mid May to mid December, why?

    Seeking a thrill ride

    Featured Property - Hotel Hana-Maui

    At the end of the Hana Highway is the legendary newly restored Hotel Hana-Maui, a resort that offers complete relaxation and seclusion in the midst of unmatched beauty. For over 50 years, this elegant, luxurious Hawaiian vacation destination has been a favorite for weddings, honeymoons, and romantic getaways.

    2008 Exotic Mexican Riviera Cruise

    Here's your chance to witness the natural beauty of the Exotic Mexican Riviera on a fabulous 8 day cruise round trip from San Diego aboard Carnival Cruise Lines "Fun Ship" the Carnival Spirit.

    Heavenly Hana

    The only way to experience Hana is to stay in Hana. The "road to Hana" is one of the top tourist attractions on Maui, but to experience the real deal one must stay at least two days in this magical oasis to fully enjoy the essence that is Hana.

    Now, I am speaking from experience, as once upon a time I used to live on Maui and happily spent every free moment in this verdant tropical paradise. I used to hike all over the hills, explore various swimming holes, go to Hasegawa general store and visit the myriad of organic farms - and not much has changed over the years, except the road.

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