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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is truly the jewel of the Central American countries. Few countries in the world contain such a large number of natural marvels and such a varied biodiversity as you will find within this small country. Costa Rica is one of the best destinations for adventure and ecotourism. Beautiful, peaceful and exciting are all words that are used to describe this amazing place of variety and serenity. Costa Rica is only the size of West Virginia but is packed with many national parks, wildlife refuges and biological reserves.

Because of its geographical location it serves as a land bridge of animal and plant species between North and South America which has produced a spectacular diversity in the wildlife here. More variety comes from the 10 different ecosystems which include four mountain ranges and active volcanoes, fabulous beaches, rivers and waterfalls, rainforests and cloud and mangrove forests, coral reefs and islands offshore.

Costa Rica enjoys the splendor of both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Natural beauty, exciting adventures and amazing wildlife are just a few of the main attractions. Whether you enjoy hiking through rainforests, whitewater rafting, soaking in thermal hot springs, or just lazing on the beach sipping a cool one and watching the sunset, Costa Rica has it all.

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