Incredible Journey Newsletter Issue 20
August 2006

Dear Joyce,

It should be of no surprise that another terrorist threat has been uncovered against air travel. Unfortunately, there are a small percentage of people in the world who thrive on hatred and to travel safely in the mass market arena we have to make concessions. I thought it important to provide a list of what is not allowed for carryon luggage, as well as provide the website for updates on travel security. It is very important that you call the airlines at least 24 hours prior to travel so that you can verify flight times, any changes in luggage restrictions etc.

Disallowed carryon items for travel in America


SUCH ITEMS MUST BE IN CHECKED BAGGAGE. This includes all beverages, shampoo, suntan lotion, creams, tooth paste, hair gel, and other items of similar consistency.

Exceptions: Baby formula and medicines, which must be presented for inspection at the checkpoint.

Beverages purchased in the boarding area, beyond the checkpoint, must be consumed before boarding because they will not be permitted onboard the aircraft.

These measures will be constantly evaluated and updated as circumstances warrant.

How every passenger can assist in security:

  • Pack lightly, without clutter, to facilitate easier screening.
  • Arrive earlier than usual at the airport.
  • Cooperate with TSA personnel at checkpoints and with airline personnel at all gates.
  • Be attentive and vigilant to any suspicious activity and report it to authorities.
Increased Border Protection Procedures:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection will increase enforcement efforts in international arrival areas including the use of advanced targeting tools, special response teams including baggage and aircraft search teams, baggage x-ray equipment, specially-trained canine units, and explosive detection technology.

DHS has also mandated that all flights from the United Kingdom transmit passenger manifest information for intensive screening prior to departure from the gate. In addition, passengers on these flights and all other international flights will be subject to heightened inspection upon arrival in the United States .

In this Issue
  • Incredible Journeys
  • Kilauea Update
  • Now's the Time to.....
  • Most Cruises Ships Now Have Internet Cafes
  • Ask Endora
  • Featured Property - Grand Hyatt Kauai
  • 2007 Exotic Mexican Riviera Cruise

  • Kilauea Update

    While there are many reasons to visit the "Big Island" of Hawai'i, none are bigger than the opportunity to get a close up look at Kilauea, the world's most active volcano. Much to my delight, it has been acting up again and sending lava steaming into the ocean.

    One of the real highlights of my travels (I tend to like adventure travel) has been to hike down to the actual lava flows and stand so close that I could have stepped into the boiling lava. Witnessing Kilauea's molten lava flows, curling steam clouds, vast lava fields, heated steam vents, sulfur banks, prehistoric lava tubes and huge summit caldera is an unforgettable experience.

    Now's the Time to.....

    • Get your passports before December 2006, you will need them to leave the country starting 2007
    • If you still haven't booked your Christmas/New Year's getaway - what are you waiting for?
    • Make reservations for spring break 2007
    • If you want to stay in a private beach front home in Hawaii or Mexico for the summer of 2007 now is the time to reserve
    • Join our group Mexican Riviera Cruise for a relaxing 8 day getaway - see attached flyer
    • Cruise to Alaska on a ship line that has received top honors for its whale conservation program
    • Tahiti rates come available in September, make sure you contact Joyce with your plans to take advantage of early bird savings!

    Most Cruises Ships Now Have Internet Cafes

    Have you considered cruising in the past but decided not to because you were unable to keep in touch with friends, family and/or the office? Internet cafes and Wi-Fi Internet access, once a scarcity on cruise ships, are now common. Higher demand by cruisers wanting to stay connected has led to the surge in onboard Internet services. Below is current information for most cruise lines for your consideration.

    Ask Endora

    Dear Endora,

    "Why should I use a travel agent?" With all the different options available online nowadays what is the advantage of using a travel agent?

    Confused traveler

    Featured Property - Grand Hyatt Kauai

    This ultimate "Hawaiian Classic" resort transports you back in time to the Kauai of the 1920s and 30s.

    The 50 acre Kauai Hyatt has just completed a multi-million dollar renovation, including newly refurbished, oversized guestrooms and suites, updated meeting facilities and a complete renovation to the award winning ANARA Spa.

    2007 Exotic Mexican Riviera Cruise

    Here’s your chance to witness the natural beauty of the Exotic Mexican Riviera on a fabulous 8 day cruise round trip from San Diego aboard Carnival Cruise Lines “Fun Ship” the Carnival Spirit.

    Incredible Journeys

    This summer my husband and I surprised my daughter for her 21st birthday with an unexpected visit to New York. You see, she was working over the summer on the east coast and at the spur of the moment I thought, "We have to go see her, this is a milestone for her, something she will remember forever and wouldn’t it be marvelous if we totally surprised her and were there for this special occasion?" We now can fondly look back on this special event as a time we spent dining on epicurean delights in Little Italy, window shopping in the garment district, exploring the secret passageways in Chinatown and most importantly, being there to toast her special day.

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