Incredible Journey Newsletter Issue 36
December 2007

Dear Joyce,

I love my job. Seeing the wonders of the world is exciting and is what keeps me going day after day. As most of you know I recently returned from a three week trip to Italy - it was fabulous! When I got back to work and poured through the stacks of travel publications I found one article which was quite interesting. I read that UNESCO states that over 2/3 of the world's most treasured art can be found in Italy which is by the way, the most visited country in Europe. I was amazed since when I have traveled to Greece and Turkey - there are cities still standing from before the year 2000 BC and surely these must encompass a lot of area as well. Maybe UNESCO is only counting paintings and sculptures rather than entire cities!

As I was reminiscing about past travels I found a common theme in my most memorable trips and that was they all coincided with a special event - full moon, solar eclipse, torrential storm, migratory season, or unexpected random event etc. I remember chasing moonbows with my very young children at Yosemite Falls; stopping for a photo op at the Virgin Mary's house in Turkey and developing the photo and low and behold we have halo's around our heads (true story I can send anyone who wants to see the photo a copy); seeing the green flash on our first visit to Tahiti; taking my aunts to Venice and involuntarily experiencing the flooding of St. Marks Square and waterfalls coming off the Basilica - followed by a starlit night with a full moon.

We all have these memories, I just want to remind everyone that when traveling, if at all possible, try to coincide a special event with the places you plan on visiting.

Like visiting Chichen Itza, sure it is a fabulous site to behold - but if you go during the spring equinox then you actually will witness what the Mayan's meant to achieve when building the temple. Or how 'bout visiting the flower gardens in the Netherlands that are only open 9 weeks out of the year, surely this would be a treat if visiting this bulblicious vicinity, or what if you want to go to Alaska but to view the Northern lights?

Above all things keep on traveling and experience all the world has to offer in the upcoming year!

Best wishes from Joyce, Vicki, Patricia, Paula, Mike, and Tamara.

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  • Experiencing Tahiti Beyond the Beaches
  • The Crystal Experience - Clearly the Best!
  • Now's the time to...
  • Dear Endora
  • Grandma's Cream Cheese Cookies
  • Featured Property

  • The Crystal Experience - Clearly the Best!

    As the demand for luxury cruise vacations rises and the market itself grows with more choices each and every day, I constantly strive to increase my cruise knowledge through continuing education programs in order to provide you with the best service I can.

    Recently I attended a fully comprehensive symposium conducted by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and Crystal Cruises. This cruise allowed me to complete the remaining requirements for my Luxury Cruise Specialist certification through CLIA.

    Now's the time to...

    • Arrange 2008 travel plans
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    • New group cruise to Alaska in 2008, check out our flyer.
    • Involved with fundraisers or want to raise money for your alma mater? Ask how we can supply a cruise to auction at your next event.
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    • Make the holidays the season of spending time together, instead of giving individual gifts why not plan a family vacation?
    • Submit Ask Endora travel questions!

    Dear Endora

    Dear Endora:

    My husband is driving me crazy. He wants to take me on a cruise vacation in honor of our upcoming wedding anniversary but I am reluctant to go. I am reluctant because I can't imagine being on the open sea and not getting sea-sick. Will I get sea-sick?

    Reluctant Traveler in Ohio

    Grandma's Cream Cheese Cookies

    When I was young my grandmother always made her famous Cream Cheese Cookies at Christmas time. I have carried on the tradition with my family and would like to share this delicious family recipe. Enjoy!

    Featured Property

    Proudly awarded membership to The Leading Hotels of the World as of January 2007, Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort is a five-star resort located at the foot of the Arenal Volcano, in the northern region of Costa Rica. A three-time World Travel Awards recipient and three-leaf Sustainable Tourism Certificate holder, the 114-room property offers luxurious accommodations and friendly service in a quaint tropical environment. Tabacon Resort provides guests a relaxing and unparalleled experience with its natural hot springs that flow through the tropical gardens. The Thermo-mineral rivers range in temperature from 80 - 107 degrees Fahrenheit. The resort's unique location along the banks of the Tabacon River incorporates an array of natural elements. This extraordinary setting, combined with exceptional service, warm smiles and outstanding facilities, assures guests an unforgettable, relaxing vacation.

    Experiencing Tahiti Beyond the Beaches

    On my last visit to Tahiti I had to experience the interior of the island. I have driven around the island many times but always wanted to take a 4 x 4 adventure so I could experience Tahiti's rugged beauty. I had heard about Tahiti Safari Expedition being the top tour company to take on a 4 x 4 adventure and booked my trip before leaving the states (they are typically sold out weeks in advance).

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