Incredible Journey Newsletter Issue 4
April 2005

Dear Joyce,

In the last year and one half I have spent one month touring French Polynesia. These romantic islands have always mesmerized me with their precipitous lush peaks surrounded by calm multi-hued lagoons which provide ample water activities to please even the most discriminating water sports aficionado. The gracious Tahitians are happy to share their islands with those needing rejuvenation and a reality check!

Make sure you read Joyce's article, "French Polynesia - by land or sea!"

In this Issue
  • French Polynesia - By Land or by Sea?
  • Welcome to the Gathering Island
  • Now's the Time to.....
  • The Joys of Multi-Generational Cruising
  • Ask Endora
  • Featured Property - Disney Cruise Line

  • Welcome to the Gathering Island

    Do you know where the only royal palace on US soil is located? Welcome to Oahu, the home of the last Hawaiian Monarchy.

    On your next trip to the islands be sure to plan to spend a few days in Oahu. Known as "The Gathering Island," this Island has a larger population than all of the other Hawaiian Islands combined. Oahu has something for everyone - unbelievably beautiful beaches, incredible restaurants, great shopping, and many tourist attractions. If you like the hustle and bustle of a big tourist city then head down to Waikiki or downtown Honolulu. If you are looking for a more relaxing atmosphere, Oahu has that also. Slip away to one of the small surf towns or serene beaches on the north shore or the windward side of the island.

    Now's the Time to.....

    • Reserve Christmas/New Year's vacations while space is available
    • Reserve private homes for Easter 2006
    • Finalize plans for Disney's 50th celebration before space is gone
    • Reserve cruises for next year to guarantee cabin space and dates
    • Reserve cruise on Paul Gauguin as 2006 is the final year this ship sails French Polynesia

    The Joys of Multi-Generational Cruising

    "We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment" - Hilaire Belloc. With that thought in mind, I recently surprised my two granddaughters (ages 14 and 16) with their first ever cruise adventure. A five day birthday cruise aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Monarch of the Seas; just them and me, what a joyful and emotionally fulfilling experience.

    The wonderful thing about family travel is that it provides you with experiences that will remain with you forever and I can attest to that from personal experience.

    Ask Endora

    Dear Endora,

    Is it better to  purchase airfare from the airlines directly or should I buy from a wholesaler?

    Brad - Denver

    Dear Brad,

    The best deals by far are to be found with air purchased from wholesalers. Air from wholesalers can include insurance waivers which can add a sense of security to a vacation that is pricey. Waivers typically allow you to make any changes/cancellations up to 24 hours prior to departure without incurring any penalties. Most wholesalers have contracts with the various airlines that stipulate land packages which require either hotel/condo stay or car rental. Air purchased from the airlines is typically nonrefundable and making changes cost approximately $100 p/person.


    Featured Property - Disney Cruise Line

    Created by Disney Imagineers come the most innovative vessels afloat: The Disney Magic® and the Disney Wonder® both designed to reflect the luxury ocean liners of a bygone era.

    Step aboard and discover what it is like to cruise "Disney style." The staterooms are among the largest at sea, with separate activity areas for adults, teens, and kids. For Disney's 50 year celebration, these two ships will sail, for a limited time, from the port of Los Angeles to the Mexican Riviera. We highly recommend all interested clients to reserve well in advance of your sailing date as space is extremely limited.

    French Polynesia - By Land or by Sea?

    As most of you know I am a detail oriented individual. When I go on vacation I am constantly analyzing everything! Tahiti was no exception.

    On my first journey to magical French Polynesia, I was happy to finally observe the first in a series of sunken craters of islands dotted along the vast Pacific after eight hours of nothing but ocean. It was just before twilight and these small dots of land set the stage for better things to come. As I got closer to the island of Moorea, I could see the precipitous peaks of Cooks Bay and a myriad of over water bungalows, with their twinkling lights illuminating the peaceful lagoon. This was truly the Tahiti of my dreams.

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