Incredible Journey Newsletter Issue 6
June 2005

Dear Joyce,

Still not convinced that a traditional travel agency can beat the internet giants? Well, I just got back from Hawaii and was amazed to see a major seller of online travel taking over different activity kiosks in resorts. I spoke with front desk personnel as well as resort activity desk personnel to get their take on the push for mega travel agencies to provide all aspects of travel to vacationers and was quite surprised to learn that the quality of activities has greatly diminished. I was told that the large companies work with the tour operators that give them the best discounts. Which is a shame, when traveling is supposed to be about the experience.

Let's face it, when you're looking for a sunset cruise or helicopter ride, the reputable companies are all within a competitive price range. The tours the resorts are now pushing have changed because of these travel behemoths, so I highly caution you to do a bit of research if you are working with these companies. Chances are you will find independent tour operators that will provide you with a better experience.

More recently, the New York Post conducted a test that pitted the online mega travel sites against five traditional travel agencies. The criteria being examined was performance and pricing. Every single traditional travel agency beat the mega online sites, both on performance and price. The benefits of using a travel professional are numerous - expertise, personalized travel arrangements, guidance, relationship with your preferred travel professional, time saved in planning a trip, and value. We look forward to helping you plan your next Incredible Journey!

In this Issue
  • Weddings Tahitian Style
  • Welcome to Kauai
  • Now's the Time to.....
  • Travel Insurance
  • Ask Endora
  • Featured Property - Royal Hawaiian Hotel

  • Welcome to Kauai

    Did you know that Kauai was the only island in all of Hawaii that King Kamehameha did not conquer? It was given to him, by King Kaumualii. Maybe that is why there is such a warm spirit of "Aloha" that greats you every day on the island of Kauai - the Hawaiian island that everyone dreams of.

    Aloha and welcome to the most exotic of all the islands. Kauai is by far my favorite island. The lush tropical north shore is where you will find cloud covered mountains, laced with waterfalls that fade seamlessly into the near perfect white sand beaches that stretch for miles. The beauty of the north shore is a vision that will be etched in your mind for eternity. The sunny south shore boasts a warm arid climate that seldom experiences rain.

    Now's the Time to.....

    • Reserve space for the upcoming holidays, book now before it is too late
    • Finalize plans for Disney's 50th celebration before space is gone
    • Start making reservations for Alaskan cruises, summer of 2006
    • Reserve a cruise on the Paul Gauguin as 2006 is the final year this ship sails French Polynesia
    • Begin reserving beach front homes for summer of 2006

    Travel Insurance

    Peace of Mind - Experienced travelers know that even the best planned vacations can be affected by the unexpected, placing their financial vacation investment at risk. Travel delays, lost baggage, and unexpected illness or injury can not only ruin vacation plans, they can also cost a lot of extra dollars. That's why we encourage clients to invest in the purchase of travel protection, or travel insurance, as it is commonly called. Such coverage protects their vacation investment and provides the peace of mind travelers deserve.

    Ask Endora

    Dear Endora,

    My wife and I are in search of the perfect Mai Tai. Where was the first Mai Tai concocted in Hawaii?

    Clay from Austin

    Clay Darling,

    This delightfully refreshing cocktail was concocted at the fabulous "Pink Palace of the Pacific," also known as the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. And it is here that you will find the "best" Mai Tai in Hawaii.


    Featured Property - Royal Hawaiian Hotel

    Built in 1927 by Matson Navigation Company to accommodate luxury-cruise passengers, the Royal Hawaiian has been a charming symbol of grandeur for over sixty years.

    The legendary "Pink Palace of the Pacific," was built on the spot where Queen Kaahumanu had her summer palace and is the landmark hotel on Waikiki Beach. With its coral colored fašade and serene gardens, the special ambiance of old Hawaii and gracious island hospitality can still be found here.

    Opening right onto the sands of Waikiki Beach, paradise has been perfected at The Royal Hawaiian, with its unforgettable view of Diamond Head from its coveted position on the world's most famous beach. My favorite rooms are located in the historic wing of the property. Here you will find canopy beds, pink bathrobes, pink towels and a pink phone; you feel as if you have been transported back in time to the Hawaii of yesteryear. The Ocean front towers boasts sweeping views of legendary Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head.

    Weddings Tahitian Style

    It's really no wonder why Tahiti, after beating out all the other destinations in the world, has been awarded the Sexiest Romance and Honeymoon destination year after year. The remoteness of these fabled islands, the sweet intoxicating smell of the fragrant Tiare floating through the air, luxurious accommodations on all islands, and the French flair for epicurean delights as well as their "Joie de livre," undoubtedly put these romantic isles in a league all alone.

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