Incredible Journey Newsletter Issue 8
August 2005

Dear Joyce,

Use your Frequent Flyer Miles Wisely

Trying to keep all our clients informed with relevant travel news in order to make informed decisions is a top priority at Incredible Journey. Recently I came across a news article worthy of repeating as it will affect most of us who like to travel using frequent flyer miles.

With the possibility of bankruptcy filing by Northwest Airlines and Delta Airlines and the pending merger of US Airways and America West experts are saying don’t panic, but start using up miles on these airlines to protect against any possible changes made to their frequent flyer programs.

Today it is hard to find an airline that hasn’t filed for bankruptcy. Both American Airlines and United Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection after 9/11, and no changes were made to their frequent flyer programs.

If you have trips coming up try and use your frequent flyer miles, saving them for retirement is not a good plan, so say the experts.

The best way to use your mileage is to book international flights, upgrade to first class, and travel to domestic locations that are hard to get to such as Alaska. These seats are all difficult to obtain with mile awards so book them one year in advance in possible.

The normal allotment for frequent flyer seats, for most airlines, is 8 – 10% of total available seats per flight. However, this amount can be adjusted based on supply and demand.

With that being said, it is anticipated that with the financial problems at both Northwest and Delta fewer frequent flyer seats will be allocated in upcoming months.

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  • The Happiest Place on Earth
  • Shore Excursions
  • Now's the Time to.....
  • Wine Tasting in Hawaii
  • Ask Endora
  • Featured Property - Villa del Sol

  • Shore Excursions

    With proper planning, shore excursions can be a highlight of your next cruise adventure. Below I've listed some important information for you to consider when scheduling shore excursions.

    Book the tours that you can't do on your own. If you look at a map of where you'll be going and you see that the dolphin swim tour is conducted about two miles from the ship, then you may decide to hop in a taxi from the pier and go over yourself. If you know ahead of time where you want to go, then get a taxi for the day or grab a tour from an operator on the pier, or rent scooters and take off on your own, at your own pace. Tours can be less expensive that way.

    Now's the Time to.....

    • Start planning spring 2006 vacations
    • Reserve privately owned homes for summer 2006 vacations
    • Limited space is still available for the Christmas holiday season
    • Ask about our special Valentine’s Day romantic getaways
    • Call Joyce for special packages to France for fall 2005 departure dates
    • Don’t forget Disney’s 50th Birthday Bash!

    Wine Tasting in Hawaii

    On your next trip to the islands save a day or two for wine tasting. It is different, it is fun and it is very laid back. You might even decide to take home some of the specialty wines to help you remember your trip.

    It's not exactly Napa, but Maui and the Big Island both have wineries that welcome visitors - the Volcano Winery on the Big Island, which bills itself as the nation's southernmost winery, and Tedeschi Vineyards in Maui, which features a wine made from pineapples.

    Ask Endora

    Dear Endora,

    I really want to take my wife to a “special” over the top resort property in Mexico. We definitely want to have an ocean view and access to a nice beach. What are your top choices in Mexico?

    Over the top Eric

    Dear Eric,

    I just love it when travelers ask my opinion, and believe me I am very demanding! In no specific order, I have my wish list for over the top resorts in Mexico. Jot these down sweetie. They will provide you and your wife an extraordinary vacation. Each is completely different and will provide for a unique and personal adventure. Please contact us. I know we can fulfill your wildest dreams!

    Featured Property - Villa del Sol

    Villa del Sol  – A magical place with beautiful adobe villas surrounded by lush foliage and right on the fine white sands of Zihuatanejo's Playa La Ropa. The Bungalow style hotel has accommodations for only 35 rooms and 35 suites.

    The unique architecture naturally blends the resort into the lush foliage and if you look towards the resort from the ocean you will hardly know it is there.

    The Happiest Place on Earth

    Upon entering Disneyland, I heard the call of the Disney Railroad conductor calling - “All aboard,” and I am instantly transported back to a time when I was a child visiting the “Happiest Place on Earth.” My dad and mom dressed in their Sunday best, my brother and I just as cute as can be. Here my parents, probably without even knowing, created childhood memories that I will cherish forever.

    Growing up in Southern California meant a yearly visit to the “Happiest Place on Earth.” Now that I have children of my own the annual visit to Disneyland has begun once again. But this time my family actually stays at the Disneyland resort.

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