Ask Endora

Dear Endora,

I really don't understand the travel insurance programs that are available. Are any worth the price?

To insure or not to insure

Dear To insure or not to insure,

Most of the wholesalers that offer packaged travel, that is, where you can purchase air/car or air/car/accommodations/tours etc. offer very good insurance that will allow you to cancel up to 24 hours prior to departure (for US destinations), up to 72 hours prior to departure for most international destinations. The companies I work with that offer this type of insurance allow travelers to cancel for ANY reason. Your entire vacation will then be refunded - less the price of the insurance of course. Be aware that not all insurance is the same - check with your travel consultant first, never assume.

Rest assured,

Hi Endora,

I want to travel to Mexico and really like the idea of taking a short flight to the Pacific Coast region, since I live in California. However, I really want beautiful swimming beaches and water. Will I get this if I travel to a Pacific Coast Resort?

Angie - Santa Clara

Dear Angie,

A five hour flight to Cancun will be your best option. How can you beat the beautiful warm clear blue azure waters of the Caribbean and the powder white sand beaches? Without a doubt if you want a great beach experience you must go here. The number one tourist destination in Mexico is the Maya Riviera and for good reason - it is gorgeous! Everything about this area exudes charm, character, eco tourism, and adventure. If you think about it if you traveled to Hawaii it is a 4.5 - 5 hour flight away, so for the same flying distance you can have a totally different experience which I promise you will love!

Just do it Angie,


I typically book my vacations through the internet but just experienced the worst nightmare ever when I had to change my flights. What do you suggest I do when making reservations for business travel?


Dear Brian,

Ah yes, the beauty of booking travel yourself will eventually have pitfalls if you travel enough. Again, my belief is that booking through a travel agent would be the best option, however if you want to do it yourself then I always recommend finding the best fare through one of the online air vendors, finding the least expensive air and then going straight to that company. This way if you have any changes to be made, or flight times change the airline will make sure you are completely taken care of.

I find in our "do it yourself" society, what we have lost is companies that provide service and we have created more stress on ourselves - and when you consider the savings over time it really does not amount to much!

Good luck with future travels and next time when you use a travel professional - I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how well you are taken care of!

Best Regards,