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Panama City

Split into three parts - Panama Viejo (Old Panama), Casco Viejo (Old Crown), Modern Panama - Panama City has variety and excitement for all. Panama Viejo was founded in 1519 and grew to be one of the most magnificent cities in the New World until it was completely destroyed by pirate Captain Morgan in 1671. Two years later, the city relocated to a narrow peninsula, which was deemed easier to defend, now known as Casco Viejo (Old Crown). Casco Viejo has French Colonial architecture and was largely inhabited by the French in the late 1800s. This was when the French tried to construct the Panama Canal. Casco Viejo offers incredible architecture, views, cobblestone streets, and a feel of old world. As time progressed, so did Modern Panama. This portion of the city offers a sweeping Miami-like skyline including great restaurants, 50 international banks, nightlife, and wonderful shopping, a true city by the sea. The entire city sits right next to the Panama Canal and is only minutes away from rainforests. Once again, the variety of activities and sites the city offers gives its guests plenty to discover.

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