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Nuku Hiva

The Northern Group of the Marquesas includes the islands of Nuku Hiva, Ua Huka and Ua Pou. Of this archipelago the largest island is Nuku Hiva, which is the capital and economic center of the Marquesas. For a true adventure try exploring the Marquesas aboard the Aranui. The Aranui is a cargo/passenger ship approximately 312 feet long and visits the Tuamotus and Marquesas 15 times a year on a 16 day adventure.

There are frequent flights from Papeete to Nuku Hiva. The island has deep indented bays which are surrounded by tall jagged peaks. Nuku Hiva has been home to a variety of authors and artists, most notably - Herman Melville, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jack London and Paul Gauguin. There are many villages to explore that have fine displays of Tiki's and petroglyphs.

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